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Clear Toughened Glass

Toughened (or tempered) glass is made from standard Float Glass to create an impact-resistant, safety glass. If float glass is broken, it will break into very sharp, hazardous pieces of glass. The process of toughening the glass introduces tensions between internal and external surfaces of a glass panel to increase its strength and also to ensure in the case of breakages, the glass shatters into small, harmless pieces of glass. The cut glass panels are put into a toughening furnace. Here the glass panels are heated to upward of 600 degrees C, and then the surfaces are cooled rapidly with cold air. This produces tensile stresses on the surface of the glass with the warmer internal glass particles. As the top thickness of the glass cools, it contracts and forces the corresponding glass elements to contract to introduce stresses into the glass panel and increasing strength. Thus, Clear Toughened Glass is a multi-purpose, high-quality clear glass.
Clear Toughened Glass has several applications ranging from furniture to all-glass structural facades in residential or commercial properties. The most common uses of Clear Toughened Glass is Furniture, Doors, Office Partitions, Windows and Shower Cubicles.

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