Reflective Glass

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Reflective Glass

Reflective Glass is a type of annealed or standard glass that has a thin layer of metallic or metallic oxide coating. Since this coating is applied to only one side of the glass, it provides a mirror-like appearance.
This reflective coating is applied to enhance the amount of heat reflected by the glass. It can also absorb and reflect the harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun, yet allows natural visible light to pass through and prevents excessive solar glare.

Types of colors available in Reflective glass?
Reflective glass is available in varied hues such as bronze, silver, dark grey, green, dark blue, etc.


  • Available in Glass thickness ranging from 4mm to 12mm.
  • Can be Dual coated (for monolithic use) or single-side coated (for laminated use)
  • Reflection is less than 0.50% on each side
  • Colour Rendering Index of more than 98%


  • NO REFLECTION – Reduces reflection to less than 0.5% per surface – that’s 8 times clearer glass!
  • NEUTRAL REFLECTION COLOUR – Ensures a neutral and uniform reflection colour for the best viewing experience
  • SOLAR CONTRO – Can be combined with solar-control, low-E and heat-reflective coatings.
  • SUITABLE FOR POST-PROCESSING – Can be toughened and laminated
  • STYLE – Creates an aesthetically unique and stunning statement – the true mark of luxury.
  • HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE AND EASY TO CLEAN – Easy to clean with a glass cleaner